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Renewal Information: An additional reactivation fee of $11.00 may apply to the renewal if the domain name is renewed after it has expired.

A redemption fee of $300.00, which includes a one (1) year renewal, may be applicable for the following spaces: .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info.

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  • .nz - just $74.95 per year
  • - just $52.89 per year
  • - just $52.89 per year
  • - just $52.89 per year
  • - just $52.89 per year
  • .kiwi - just $66 per year

Which second level domain
(2LD) is right for me?

Which second level TLD


  • .nz
    For anyone who is proud to be a part of all that NZ has to offer.
    For organisations pursuing commercial aims and purposes.
    For organisations and service providers directly related to the NZ internet.
    For not-for-profit organisations.
    For tertiary educational institutions and related organisations.
  • .kiwi
    For anyone with a connection to NZ culture.

About domain registration...

Your domain name is your address on the internet. Most companies register a domain using their company name, or an abbreviation of it, so their customers can find them easily online. Domain names are unique; once you have registered yours, nobody else can use it.

The exception is that if you register, it’s possible for somebody else to register or similar. Therefore, for brand protection reasons, it is often worthwhile registering a few different domain extensions, particularly if any of them are especially relevant to your brand (e.g. .café for cafes).

Domainz gives you access to more than 200 different domain name extensions worldwide.

Choosing a domain name

Using your business or brand name makes perfect sense. If your business name isn't available, consider choosing keywords that represent your business or product. Purchasing your domain name as soon as possible prevents it being registered by a competitor or speculator. Consider registering one domain name with multiple extensions (like .com,, or take a look at international domain name options like

Things to consider

Is the name you want easy to spell?

If your brand name is often misspelled, you can register common mistakes and simply redirect the traffic to your main website. For example, redirects to

Is it short and easy to remember?

A nickname or abbreviation might be used most often by your customers, for example or Sometimes initials will work best - like for Bank of New Zealand.

Is it easily differentiated?

If you don't have a well-known brand, or your business/product name is too much like another company's, a 'generic' address may be a good choice e.g.

Where are your key markets?

If you have customers in specific national markets, consider registering domain names in those markets e.g. in Australia, .cn in China etc.

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