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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Easily manage bulk email marketing campaigns.

Manage bulk email marketing campaigns with Mailroom

Email marketing is a powerful method for nurturing your customer relationships. Mailroom features an easy-to-use editor to help you design, build, and manage professional email marketing campaigns from start to finish.

  • Design and build

    Design & build your email campaign

    No need to purchase any additional software; Mailroom’s simple "what you see is what you get" editor contains all the features you need to design and build your email campaign from scratch.

  • Import and export contacts

    Easily import or export your contacts

    Manage your contact lists for your email marketing campaigns one at a time or in bulk imports and exports.

  • Campaign statistics

    Access detailed campaign statistics

    Analyse your marketing campaign’s performance by tracking statistics including email bounce rate, open rate, click-throughs and unsubscribes. Reports are available by campaign or by mailing list.

Email Marketing

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