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Updated February 2015

Domain Name Registration Agreement

This registration agreement (Registration Agreement) is submitted by you (being an individual or entity), the applicant for (and on registration, the licence holder of) a domain name, to Domainz Ltd for the purpose of becoming the licensee of a particular TLD domain name (domain name).

This Registration Agreement sets out the applicable terms and conditions governing all domain name registrations, pre-registrations, renewals or otherwise. In submitting this Registration Agreement, you agree you have read, understand, acknowledge and agree to be bound by this Registration Agreement.

1. Registration applications

1.1 You agree that a registration or reservation of a domain name does not grant any legal rights of ownership of the relevant domain name, nor does it confer immunity from objection to the registration or use of the domain name.

1.2 You agree that we do not guarantee that any domain name registration, pre-registration or otherwise applied for by us on behalf of you will be successfully registered or reserved by the applicable registry. You acknowledge and agree that you will not take any action in respect of any domain name registration, pre-registration or otherwise until the successful registration or reservation of that domain name is confirmed in writing to you.

1.3 If you submit an application for pre-registration or registration of a domain name, we do not provide or make any representation or guarantee that the domain name will be secured for you, or that you will have immediate access to the domain name if secured. In providing such services, we may use third-party service providers, and certain applications may be processed manually. We make no representations that applications will be processed within any particular timeframe or any particular result will be achieved.

1.4 In registering, renewing or re-delegating a domain on your behalf, Domainz is acting as a reseller of the ICANN-accredited registrar, Melbourne IT (except for .nz ccTLD registrations). Melbourne IT will send certain domain expiration notices by email to you prior to and following (where applicable) the expiry date of the domain name license, as required by ICANN’s Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP).

2. Termination and impact on other services

2.1 You agree that should this Registration Agreement be terminated by any party, or if the domain name expired or transferred to another registrar, any other services associated with the domain name may remain active. These other services that remain active will continue to be billed in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.

3. TLD Specific Terms

The following provisions apply to this Registration Agreement depending on the TLD space of the domain name. Should there be an inconsistency between this Registration Agreement and the below TLD specific provisions, the below provisions will prevail in respect of such inconsistency.

Global Top Level Domains

Australian (.au) Top Level Domains

Other Country Code Top Level Domains

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