Phone 0800 DOMAINZ (0800 366 2469)

0800 DOMAINZ (0800 366 2469)

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+64 9 887 9824

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Price Update

about domainz

Price Update

At Domainz, we work hard to shield our customers from increases in third party supplier costs, and always endeavour to absorb such increases. However, over the past few years our technology partners, such as Microsoft, have continued to apply upward pressure on these costs and we must now, reluctantly, pass on some of these additional costs to our customers.

Domainz is committed to delivering high quality online digital technology, supported by skilled, responsive, and expert customer service. Only by addressing these increased third-party costs can we maintain our commitment to technology and service excellence for our customers

From your next billing cycle, you will see some increases in our pricing. If you have any questions in relation to your service, please Contact our Support team on 0800 DOMAINZ (0800 366 2469).

Need help? Visit Support or call 0800 DOMAINZ (0800 366 2469)