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Managed Social Advertising

Grow your business with Managed Social Advertising.

Attract customers with highly targeted social media advertising campaigns.

Social media offers you a way to connect with your customers and is a highly -targeted way of advertising to attract new leads, but can be complex to understand and time consuming to manage. Our Managed Social Advertising integrates with Facebook's powerful targeting capabilities to reach more of your target audience and ensure your impressions are high quality.


Benefits of Managed Social Advertising

Managed Social Media features

  • optimised social media profiles

    Social Specialist
    They will get to know you and your business. If or when they are away, you will still have a team of social specialists at your disposal.

  • profiles monitored for comments, reviews, and mentions

    Clear Campaign Objectives
    Our flexible plans are designed to meet one of 3 business objectives - Increase website traffic, generate leads, improve local awareness.

  • responses using your brand’s tone of voice

    Facebook and Instagram Ads
    We run Facebook and Instagram ads for your business across a large range of customer demographics.

We run and manage advertising campaigns for you, focused on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

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