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SSL Certificates

ssl certificates

Increase consumer trust in your brand

An SSL certificate protects any sensitive data being transmitted through your site, like your customers’ personal information and credit card details. It encrypts the data in such a way that only your authorised server can read it. Our SSL certificates are issued by GeoTrust, a well-established and trusted brand.



$199 / year

Quick SSL Premium

  • Protect your customers’ details and promote trust in your brand.
  • GeoTrust Site Seal
  • USD $500,000 warranty
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Compatible with 99% of browsers and mobile devices

Features of SSL certificates:

  • Promote trust in your brand

    Promote trust in your brand

  • Unlimited server licenses

    Unlimited server licenses

  • Secure status clearly displayed

    Secure status clearly displayed

  • Certificate issued by GeoTrust

    Certificate issued by GeoTrust

  • Compatible with most browsers

    Compatible with most browsers

  • 256-bit encryption

    256-bit encryption

99%+ Browser compatibility

Compatible with most browsers, including:

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