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  1. Can I register my domain name for longer than one year?
  2. Can I use my own servers?
  3. Do I need pre-configured name servers?
  4. How do I change my domain name?
  5. How do I choose a great domain name?
  6. How do I register a domain name?
  7. How much does it cost to register a domain name?
  8. Introduction to domain names
  9. What are the advantages of registering for longer?
  10. What is an AUTHINFO code?
  11. What is domain name parking?
1. Can I register my domain name for longer than one year?

Absolutely! Domainz can help you secure your domain name for anything from 1-10 years.

2. Can I use my own servers?

Yes. When a domain name is registered it will automatically be listed on our servers, however immediately following registration you can re-delegate the domain (change the hosting) to your own names servers.

3. Do I need pre-configured name servers?

No. Your domain name will be automatically hosted on our names servers for you.

4. How do I change my domain name?

Each domain name registration is seen as unique, so once a name is registered it cannot be changed. If you wish to use a different domain name in the future you will need to register the new domain name and then cancel the domain name registration which is no longer required.

5. How do I choose a great domain name?

Ideally your domain name will reflect your businesses name, trading name or product. A large proportion of your customers may guess your domain name and type your business name or product name straight into their browser rather than find you through a search engine.

The best domain name you can have is one that is most easily identifiable and memorable for your customers.

Some things to consider are:

Is it easy to spell?
If you have an unusually spelt business name it may be wise to register common misspellings of your name as well and simply redirect the traffic to your main web site address e.g. '' and '', '' and ''
Is it short and easy to remember?
Sometimes it may be a better strategy to use an abbreviated version of your name or initials e.g. '' and ''
Is it easily differentiated from similar business/product names?
If your business or product name is very similar to another organization you need to choose a web site address that won't confuse your customers. If you do not have a well known brand or product then a generic address may be the best choice for you e.g. ''
How will your customers most likely try to find you?
In many cases your customers may know your products or nickname better than your business name so that may be a better choice e.g. '' or ''
Where are your primary markets?
If a substantial proportion of your current or prospective business comes from specific national markets, you should consider registering domain names in those markets e.g. in Australia, .cn in China, and so on...
Do a search and see if your preferred domain name is available
Once you've decided on the name you want, use our free domain name search tool to see if it's still available. Simply enter 'yourcompanyname' and click on 'Search'. If the name you want is already registered, will need to choose an alternative. You may like to try the version or even consider a domain registration in another global address such as .com or .net - and if you're not sure we suggest you contact our consultants to take you through your options.
6. How do I register a domain name?

Domainz provide 2 different ways to register your domain name.

  • Register online at using Domainz' secure, real-time domain name search and registration system. Enter 'yourcompanyname' in the domain name search box and click on 'Search'. Our step-by-step registration wizard will take you through the rest!
  • Register over the phone with Domainz Customer Service. Call us on 0800 366 2469 to secure your online brand.

When you register directly with Domainz you will be able to use either our free basic Web and Email Services, which include a website placeholder, basic web redirection and email forwarding services, or our full Web and Email Packages.

7. How much does it cost to register a domain name?

You can find pricing information for all of our products on our pricing page.

8. Introduction to domain names

Registering your business domain name such as is a fundamental step in establishing your presence online.

Your domain name will be essential for clients to find your website quickly and easily on the Internet. You may want to use your business name for your domain name to ensure clients can recognize your company or brand online. However at times you may find that the name you have chosen is not available, in which case you may want to consider choosing a key word or phrase that represents your business or product.

Purchasing your domain name now, even if you are not yet ready to build your website can prevent the risk of your name being registered by a competitor.

Finally remember to use multiple extensions to protect your online brand, prevent cyber-squatting and make it easier for clients to find your website, you may want to consider registering one domain name with multiple extensions (like .com, .net, .biz ).

Where to start with domain names

Choosing the right domain name is essential to your online branding and marketing. Having a domain name that is easy to remember and represents your brand is imperative to ensure people find you on the web. Your domain name is one way for people to identify you and differentiate you from your competitors.

People find websites many different ways but most often they will:

  1. Have seen your URL advertised somewhere
  2. Searched on a search engine and seen your site listed
  3. Guessed your URL based on your company name

You will have noticed that there are a variety of domain names available. .com, .net and .org are example of top-level domain names. There are also country level domain names like or

There are different regulations attached to different levels of domain names. This will be discussed further in Legal issues with domain names.

A top-level domain name is increasingly hard to secure so you may have difficulty registering your business name with .com as the domain. In Australia, regulation has ensured that your domain name must be derived from your business name, making it easier for you to register a name that accurately represents your business.

You can find out if your chosen domain name is still available here. You can also apply for your domain name online.

The recent release of new domains .biz and .info has created a new opportunity to secure a top-level domain name.

When choosing your domain name you need to take into consideration some important factors such as:

  1. Descriptiveness Does the domain name describe your business or the products you sell?
  2. Marketability Can the domain name be easily marketed to your targeted audience and within your industry?
  3. Memorability Will people easily remember your name?
  4. Extension (.com,, .org etc) Are you using the right extension to represent your company online?
  5. Length (use of multiple words) Is the domain name too long to be typed easily?
  6. Spelling (use of abbreviations, hyphens etc) Would people have problems spelling your domain name?
  7. Resemblance Is your name too similar to a competitor's domain name?

These are only some of the issues you need to consider when buying your domain name. Contact one of our experienced consultants on 0800 366 2469 to discuss the best available option.

9. What are the advantages of registering for longer?

The longer your registration, the more security your brand or company name has and the less chance that you'll forget to renew and lose your name to someone else. Multiple year registration will also reduce the amount of administration time you spend on your domain names.

10. What is an AUTHINFO code?

An AUTHINFO code is a 6 to 16 character password assigned by a sponsoring Registrar. It identifies your domain name in the Registry. No domain name transfer request can be successfully executed without this password. Registrars are contractually required to provide this code upon registrant request. Registrants are advised to protect their AUTHINFO codes to avoid unauthorized transfers of domain names.

11. What is domain name parking?

When you register a .nz domain name with Domainz, we can automatically reserve or 'park' your domain name for you. We'll provide a placeholder screen, so anyone browsing to your domain name on the Internet will see a message telling them the name is already taken.

This means that when customers visit your web site address at, they won't get an error page - it also means that your web page can be indexed by search engines such as Google as soon as possible - as this can sometimes take months - it is best for you to start as soon as possible.


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