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  1. Glossary
1. Glossary
Approved Domainz Provider
An organisation which provides registration services to Name Holders upon the terms of an Approved Domainz Provider contract with Domainz. (Previously these organisations were referred to as .nz Providers.
The Domain Name Commissioner is appointed by InternetNZ to oversee the .nz domain name registration and management system.
File Transfer Protocol. FTP type programs are used to transfer web content up to a website. If your domain name is being hosted with Domainz and you are ready to set up your website, you will need to upload your web content so that people can see your website on the Internet. The type of program used to upload this content is an FTP program, this allows your computer to talk to our server.
Generic Top Level Domain. .com .net .org are all gTLDs.
The Internet Society of New Zealand Incorporated.
Melbourne IT
Melbourne IT is Domainz owner and a leading registrar in both the .au and .com domain name spaces.
Name Holder
An individual or organisation whose domain name is registered with Domainz. May also be referred to as a 'Registrant'.
.nz Registry Services
The trading name of the New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited.
An entity that can access and make changes to information held on the Registry on behalf of Name Holders and their agents. Domainz is a Registrar.
The central listing of domain names managed and maintained by .nz Registry Services.
Shared Registry System. The system used by the Registry to receive and action domain name registration applications and other requests.
Unique Domain Authentication Identifier. The UDAI is a unique, 8 character alphanumeric key, generated by the SRS when a domain name is registered. The UDAI specifically relates to a domain name not to the Name Holder.
When you have an email address with your domain name with domainz you have the choice to access your email through Domainz WebMail. Domainz WebMail means you can send and collect your email from any computer (that connects to the internet) anywhere in the world! Domainz WebMail offers all the advantages of commonly used offers like Hotmail, but gives you a much more professional image as you have a personal address connected to your domain name.


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